Providing near real-time satellite data for the coastal ocean

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Environmental Data

View and download over 800 regional and global datasets, including satellite data, model output, and in situ measurements from field sensors.


Data Catalog

ERDDAP Data Server

The ERDDAP data server provides a simple, consistent way to subset and download environmental datasets in common file formats with options to make graphs and maps.

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The Environmental Data Connector (EDC) and Xtractomatic data extraction scripts make it easy to discover and extract data from online servers and download them directly into ArcGIS, R, MatLab, and Excel.

EDC    Xtractomatic

News and Events

  • ERDDAP update - Version notes and instructions for downloading and installing are available for ERDDAP Posted: 02 Sep. 2015
  • New CoastWatch website for the West Coast Node unveiled Posted: 20 Apr. 2015
  • Xtractomatic tools update - new versions of Xtracto for Matlab and Xtracto for R directly access an expanded number of datasets Posted: 9 Mar. 2015
  • High-resolution VIIRS SST is now available on ERDDAP Posted: 5 Nov. 2014
  • VIIRS POC and PIC are now available on ERDDAP Posted: 26 Aug. 2014
  • We are pleased to announce the hiring of Dale Robinson as the new CoastWatch manager. Welcome aboard Dale! Posted: 11 Aug. 2014

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